H. Jesse Walker Student Guided Poster Merit Award: Call for Posters

The Student Guided Poster Merit Award competition is held each year in conjunction with the AAG annual meeting. The eligibility requirements for this award are as follows.

Eligibility. Full-time or part-time undergraduate or graduate students may compete for this award if they are (1) the first or sole author of an poster concerning coastal or marine geography which they will be presenting at the annual AAG meeting, (2) a member of the AAG and of the Coastal and Marine Specialty Group (Need to join? Click here for information), and (3) have submitted the completed application form and accompanying materials to COMA prior to the conference. Guided Poster are judged both on content of the poster and on the quality of the presentation.

Awards. An individual award consists of an $150.00 grant to be used to defray AAG and Coastal and Marine Specialty Group membership dues and travel expenses to the annual meeting and recognition on the Special Interests Group's website.

Instructions. Follow the program participation guidelines outlined in the Newsletter of the AAG as an individual participating in a Illustrated Paper Session. E-Mail a electronic copy of your abstract, your Participant Number (assigned by the AAG), and the following information to the Coastal and Marine Specialty Group Vice-Chair.

Name _______________________________________________________________

Mailing address ___________________________________________________

Email address ______________________________________________

Competing for the Guided Poster or Oral Paper Award? _________

Are you a Ph.D., M.A./M.S., or undergraduate student? ___________

Thesis/project advisor _____________________________________

Are you a member of the AAG? ______

Are you a member of the Coastal and Marine Specialty Group? ______
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Is your paper primarily focused on human/social or physical geography? ____________